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KCL, Denmarks First Lady on the wheels of steel introduced me to Felix De Luca and I was hooked immediately after watching his video „Keep It Up“.
I really do dig all that future-trippy stuff that HipHop nowadays is often about even though I´m often not impressed by their mc-ing skills.

I´m a kid of the 80´s & 90´s and in my opinion a good MC has to tell a story with intelligent lyrics, unexpected punchlines that come from the heart plus call a unique voice and a fresh style his own.
Felix De Luca, a danish MC from Copenhagen surely got these skillz galore, so we took the time to do an Superlative interview with him.

Felix de Luca

Felix de Luca


Felix De Luca

Hello Felix, may you introduce yourself?

Wassup world my name is Felix De Luca.
I´m a music artist from Copenhagen, Denmark.

How old are you, where you from and when did you start rapping?

I ´ve been on this world for 27 summers.
I started writing at around age 10-11 and by the time I was around 17 I was recording at various studios in Copenhagen.

How did you got introduced to the universe of HipHop?

Just growing up in the mid-late 90´s a lot of my older friends were bumpin Wu, Tang, Jay Z, Biggie, Nas, Pac, Ice Cube stuff like that…
My mother actually took me to my first rap concert when I was 10 years old, we went to see Ice T and at one point in the show he invited people from the crowd up on stage to spit a verse, and the one who got the best response would get to perform with him for the final song.I never jumped on stage but I remember thinking to myself I could do better then all the guys that grabbed the mic LOL!!

I wrote „Keep it up“ at a time in my life where I was going through a lot of personal stuff, I had just quit my old job, I had broke up with my girlfriend through the last 6 years, I was trying to find out what my next move in life was, and I really had a need to put words to some of the things I was dealing with. The video is really just an authentic low budget video, nothing shiny or over the top I just wanted to capture something real.

When did you realise that you got talent?

I guess it was when I started recording, and people seemed to really like what I was doing, that just gave me the hunger to keep going

Your flow and your voice is very unique plus it seems that you feel very comfortable with yourself while performing. Is that a natural talent or did it took you a long time practicing?

Well my voice is my voice not really too much I can do about that, it differs a little from track to track tho it all depends on whether or not I´ ve been smoking weed before jumping in the booth Lol.
I´ve always seen myself as a very technical rapper, I used to try to fit as many words in each bar as possible, then i sorta went away from that and focused on the lyrics, now I try to find a balance between the two.
As far as my live performance goes I try to constantly improve my shows. It´s all about energy and the interaction with the crowd, I just wanna have fun when I´m on stage.

What would you say your style is?

I try to be as honest as possible with my music, give the listener an insight to my life and whats happening around me.
My style is pretty versatile, I can make songs for the ladies, the fellas, whether you wanna party or your just trying to cool out at home.. If I feel for it I do it.


I´m a fan of music period.
I listen to everything from Jamiroquai to Jay- Z, from Curtis Mayfield to Kendrick Lamar… I don’t look at it like these are people I idolize but I definitely have huge respect for them, and their music has helped me through a lot of tough times.

Tell us a bit about your crew, who ya working with, etc.

I have a tight working relationship with my producer Dont Ax and my engineer & co-producer ES who’s the guy behind some of the biggest records in denmark during the last couple of year.
Besides them I just like to work with original and talented people, people with dreams and ambitions.
I´m done playing around, its all about hard work right now.

„Ignorance“ is produced by ES and is basically just me wanting to spit some ignorant shit. I see myself as a positive person, but every now and then I have the need to just say fuck it and chop a couple of heads off. The video took about 2 days to make from start to finish, I just got the idea to find a lot of different video clips, that had something to do with what I was saying on the song, and we mixed it in with some footage of me in the studio.. This is definitely the definition of a no budget video
What keeps you in balance?
Thats a good question.
I guess I´m still trying to find out, I´ve been doing this music thing full time since last summer, so just getting up early hitting the gym, eating healthy and just surrounding myself with positive and inspiring people.

Plans for the future?

I´m currently working on my debut album, as well as a collaborative Ep with a local producer, I´m trying to release both projects this summer but we will see, it all depends on the politics of the game.
I do a lot of features as well for different people, and I have a couple of US artists I would like to work with in the near future.
Right now I´m just focusing on finishing up my album so we can shop it around.
I wanna make some moves overseas, it makes no sense for me to only focus on Denmark, giving the type of music that I make.
Sure, shout out Superlative Magazine for reaching out to me I really appreciate that, everybody that supports my music and comes to my shows, I can´t wait to release some of the new material I got for you guys.. love is love!

Oh yeah and don’t forget to download my Ep „The Rebirth Of An Artist“ for free at Bandcamp

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Janny Schulte

Even though my mom raised me right that rap shit saved my life and sometimes I may look kinda funny but ain´t no fool cause whatever I want to do I make it clever. Still life as a shorty shouldn´t be so rough but I´m leaving the past cause I learned I´m the only motherfucker that can change my life.

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