L’école des Femmes

L’école des Femmes is a french clothing line owned and designed by Laura Sfez. A Paris born woman now living in Los Angeles. We were lucky to catch her for an interview about fashion, femmes and freedom…

Laura Sfez of L’école des Femmes

Laura Sfez of L’école des Femmes

Laura, please give us first an introduction of you: Who are you, where are you from and what is your profession and passion?

My profession is freedom. My name is Laura Sfez. I was born in Paris, France and was raised between Paris and Los Angeles. I own a clothing brand called L’école des Femmes which is a statement made up of classic, elegant and sexy cinematic and french clothes. I started out as a designer for this brand and then decided to take the photos myself and model it myself. This decision has opened up a world for me that is still expanding…

What is it all about with L’école des Femmes?

It’s a life I am leading and photographing as it unfolds. It is the world that I want to live in; a world where the modern and old standards of being a woman, are not important to me. In this world, being free to explore myself and enjoy myself are what matters. In this world I can tell whoever I want to fuck off and never depend on anyone enough to have to alter myself or integrity. I have strong convictions on beauty that I want to share and I will not let money, men or even fashion dictate to me what they think. I want to infuse not only a joie de vivre and pretty visuals, but words. Words need to be important and well chosen again…

What is the message of the brand and who is your target audience?

My message is clear. I am free and uncompromised and have no hesitations… My target is not a man or a girl or a woman. My target is the spirit of rebellion, we are everywhere. There is a sickness of shallowness all around us. Our realities distorted and our messages more and more shallow. I want to target people with depth who want something else.

Your brand images are sexy and sometimes provocative, what message would you like to transport with this optic?

Power and fearlessness. I think the images are sexy but honest. They are not photoshopped and unlike other fashion imagery, there is never a hair and makeup person or assistant or any of that nonsense. It is just me and a friend or just me and my sister. One or the other; Isabella and Ava. This is sexy done by a woman, not a man. Overdone hair and heavy makeup is not sexy in my opinion. Perfection is not charming and fakeness establishes no connection. I am interested in connecting.

How should a real femme be?

She should be real. She should be confident and love herself first. And then obey everything that naturally comes to her. A femme who does not abandon her true humanity is a beautiful and deeper thing than a femme concerned with retarded standards made up by other rerards. Why do we listen to pretty retards? Do we not seek a deeper beauty anymore?

Who are your idols?

I’ve never had any. Music is my temple.

You live in L.A. how would you describe the fashion scene in your area, what kind of style is currently „denier cri“ exept yours of course.

Yes fashion in L.A. is voiceless. There is no individuality. You see a lot of cut-off shorts and bad shoes and long hair. It’s obnoxious and uninviting to women. I think L.A. fashion is more geared toward the male gaze and it ranges between a boho asshole hipster on abbot kinney to a lulu lemon ensemble to some other desperate confused hipster on the other end of town. Women don’t look like women here. They all want to look permanently 25. Why? Men?

What are your favourite places to be in Los Angeles?

I like anywhere i can walk and smoke a joint. The Lacma is lovely and the beaches of Santa Monica are so polluted that you have to drive further down to Malibu for a decent beach. I love the Beverly Hills Hotel for brunch and Sugarfish for sushi. I dont go out at night so im clueless on that front.

I read that you are working on a denim line, what is the status quo and what are other future plans of you?

Yes!! The denim is here end of march! The backpocket will include a small french flag which makes the cheek all the more charming!

Be sure we’ll be the first customers… Thanks Laura, a pleasure for us!

Find here the Webshop of L’école des Femmes



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    Love this article for l’ecole des femmes! Nailed it fosho! Laura’s a goddess and def my moto! Her clothes are definition of perfection. I am never bored with them and will never be. It always make me confident/sexy/classy/ultimately chic then ever.

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