Marie-Lou Desmeules – My Superlative Piece Of Art

Die lebenden Skulpturen von Marie-Lou Desmeules sind extrem bizarr.

Man fühlt sich in eine andere Welt versetzt und irgendwie ist es da auch ein bisschen gruselig, wie in Frankensteins Laboratorium.

Marie-Lou Desmeules: Keith Haring

Marie-Lou Desmeules: Keith Haring

Die Herangehensweise der Künstlerin ist allerdings eine andere: sie macht lebendige Menschen zu Skulpturen – zu unbelebten Dingen – die um so weirder erscheinen, da klar ist, das sie lebendig sind.

Aber wer kann euch besser etwas über Kunst erzählen, als der Erschaffende selbst.



My Superlative Piece of Art – Marie-Lou Desmeules

Marie-Lou Desmeules is a visual artist who experiences a creative rebirth through every piece of work she plans.
After digging up a multitude of socio-political symbols of today`s mass culture, she playfully fits a puzzle generated within every flea-market experience that she has, influences that she picks up from her environment, then goes into a sort of live sculpture performance – ego drops down, irony spans layers and layers of transition and the result is a flamboyant satire.

Marie-Lou Desmeules: My Superlative Piece Of Art - Divine / Set Up

Marie-Lou Desmeules: My Superlative Piece Of Art – Divine / Set Up

Please introduce yourself.
My name is Marie-Lou Desmeules.
I was raised in Quebec, I lived in Berlin for a decade & I am currently based in Valencia, Spain.
I am a music lover, I like discovering the unseen treasures in flea markets, I am attracted by the bizarre and most of all, I enjoy life.
As an artist, I create sculptures using people’s bodies as my base.
I call it „Paint + Plastic Surgery“.

Marie-Lou Desmeules & Living Sculpture

Marie-Lou Desmeules & Living Sculpture

Your favorite piece of art?
Right now, it is „Divine“. This is the first work I created this year.

Is there a story behind it?
I used acrylic paint, plastic, adhesive breast lift tapes, hair & clothes on top of my Spanish friend Merche (who is the story behind it).
After 3 hours of operation, the queen of bad taste was resurrected!

Marie-Lou Desmeules: Living Sculpture

Marie-Lou Desmeules: Living Sculpture

What is art for you?
It means everything to me.
I might better explain it with colors!


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Janny Schulte

Even though my mom raised me right that rap shit saved my life and sometimes I may look kinda funny but ain´t no fool cause whatever I want to do I make it clever. Still life as a shorty shouldn´t be so rough but I´m leaving the past cause I learned I´m the only motherfucker that can change my life.

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