„When I wake up my first thought is to surf“ – Maud Le Car

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Maud Le Car is a Pro Surfer Girl, an artist and a hottie. But thats not the point currently. We talked to the french caribbean surfer beauty who is now living in Capbreton and a pro Surfer for Brands like Vans, Volcom and many more about her passion, her motivation, her idols and her dreams for the future.

Let us introduce Maud Le Car

Maud, you`re a pro rider for brands like Vans, Volcom, Reef, Electric and many more. How did your career started?
I started surfing at 12 years old in St Martin Island where I was born in French Caribbean when at the age of 16 I moved in France for the contest and being part of the Pole France (a school of sport study) to finish my exams and simultaneously train and surf to improve myself. When I had my exams I started my career after everything went really fast I enter in the Volcom team went In the Vans team, Electric, Parakito and seventyone percent.

Can you recall the moment when you surfed a wave for the first time?
I went with my little brother and my mom and My first wave change my life is was only 12 but knew at this moment that was for me and felt in love at the first sight was so exciting I was yelIing and so happy that is for sure the best feeling

Tell me about the moment when you recognized that you can’t live without surfing?
When I wake up my first thought is to surf. I am half sleeping and think about the tide, the swell, where I am going to surf the best spot for the day .
Other sign I recognized I can’t live without surfing is that I become so unpleasant and be in a bad mood when I am not surfing.

If surfing would be a song, which one would it be?
Huuum, I think One love of Bob Marley

Vans Surf Maud Le Car

Vans Surf Maud Le Car

Do you also dream about waves?
Yes sometimes but more about contests.

What was your biggest success in surfing so far?
My final when I won at the Pan american (Championships of South America and Caribbean) my family was here for the contest to watch me was like the second time they saw me surfing (cause they living far from France) and I made a 10 and a 9.8. I wanted to impress them I was so happy to won this title for them.

How often are you travelling and which are the most important contests in the scene for women?
I am travelling almost all the year, the season beggins in January in Australia where I am staying 3 months for the 3 WQS 6 Stars then 1 month in Tahiti to train. Then when the summer beggins we have a lot of important WQS in Europe, California, Peru … But when I am not in contest or travelling I am staying in France in Capbreton.

Who are your idols?
Andy Irons, Jacques Mesrine, Marilyne Monroe and Jim Morrison

How do you stay fit for surfing? (Fitnesswise and nutritionwise)
Try to avoid process food and eat fit and fresh vegetables and fruits, doing excercice move my body by doing fun sports (like surf, skate, paddle board, bike…) and the more important have fun and feeling good in myself.

What is your favourite spot in France or around the world? Why?
My favorite spot in the world is in France in Seignosse Le Penon and in Hossegor La Graviere and all the beach breaks in Les Landes are so fun to surf!

Thanks Maud for that nice talk and good luck for the upcoming season

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