Generations change and meeting the french producer NxxxxxS (pronounced NFIVEXS) was like shaking hands with a prototype of a new dawning.
The music of this young man probably could be described best as chillwave.
His last Album Fujita Scale is an intense journey through 15 tracks of broken yet theatralic melodies, carrying you away while your heartbeat slows down and let your mind shut out the world with all it´s troubles. It´s his sixth release since his first album Beats of Paradise III in April 2013 and what a surprise: it´s out on Vinyl too.


That seems a long way for someone who discovered HipHop about 6 years ago playing GTA and listening to Radio Los Santos after school, getting in touch with the music of Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, the prototypes of an era where HipHop already was invented but still an underground thing.
Created by people that brought up this totally new genre by putting together all the influences from Jazz, Soul & Blues, music their parents where listening to.

Combined with rhymed words to express their state of mind and having a plattform to get rid of their anger about the fucked up system they are living in.
It took a couple of years more till NxxxxxS discovered Odd Future and got so impressed by the instrumentals of Tyler the Creator that he wanted to do something similar.
Starting on the free Mac Software Garage Band NxxxxS remembers „I was like really really bad. I was doing some of the worst mixtapes ever“.


Since then it took about 3 years of beatmaking experiments to get to the point where he is now.
The really active young man produces 2-3 beats per day if he´s not at university studying sound and releases about 50 percent of his work, mostly for free on the internet.
The Internet is one of his bigggest influences. That medium is the normal playground for highly talented youngsters these days where they meet and interact with each other.
For NxxxxS his style is not from a certain region „Well, with the Internet you can dig a lot of different things. My music rather comes from the Internet, than from Paris“.


Being asked about his career and what his future plans are, it is surprising that he points out that he doesn´t necessarily wants to earn money with his music.
It´s not about getting famous, it´s about being creative and get the possibilities to share a certain feeling with people all around the globe.
Of course there is musical evolvement as NxxxxS is getting more critical with his work and plans his next release to be a concept of 4 to 5 tracks combined with visuals that can only be watched on DVD, so that the visual part is not seperated from the audio.

It´s the typical world of a creative mind, never totally happy with what has been done so far and always up for the next big inspiration.
A big inspiration certainly would be his trip to New York this summer.
We wish him a great journey and hope he´ll be back with new impressions brought back to us through his beautiful music.


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all them pics by Superlative Assistant Anna-Karina Roth at the incredible Daaamn Son Party at Hafenklang with Shorty Banks too

Janny Schulte

Even though my mom raised me right that rap shit saved my life and sometimes I may look kinda funny but ain´t no fool cause whatever I want to do I make it clever. Still life as a shorty shouldn´t be so rough but I´m leaving the past cause I learned I´m the only motherfucker that can change my life.

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