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Chris Haslam Photo of the Day

Chris Haslam and his dog Skyla at the Grand Canyon

I went to see the Grand Canyon. Went camping and it was so cold outside I had to light my camping stove inside my truck for heat. Stayed for one day and drove home haha. 10 hrs there 10 hrs back

Photo of the Day by Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam in a bathtub for a fashion shooting

That was for a clothing shoot I had. We carried that damn bathtub like 20 mins and it took 4 dudes to lift it out there and back.

Chris Haslam for Superlative Magazine

Chris Haslam after a 20 h ride from Vancouver to Calgary together with his sister

I drove my sister from vancouver bc.. To Calgary ,alberta. Because she was moving there . 17 hrs in two days over the worst snowed stormed mountain road ever. Got to my friends house after a 12 hrs drive and just passed out. She did this to me. And then my sister moved back to vancouver two weeks later.

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Nicolette liebt es ihr Bier auf dem Bürgersteig zu trinken, kann auf High-Heels nicht laufen und backt Plätzchen wenn sie eine Schreibblockade hat. 2013 launchte sie gemeinsam mit Ihrem Homie Janny Schulte das Superlative Magazine - It's a Herzblut Thing.

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