Superlative Piece of Art by Brett Flanigan

Brett Flanigan Art

Brett Flanigan is an american artist who focuses on geographic art, paintings and illustration on canvas and wood. On Superlative Magazine he describes his motivation and favourite piece of art

Interview Brett Flanigan

Hello, what´s your name?

Brett Flanigan

Why is this piece of art your favourite piece?

This is currently my favorite piece because I think it is particularly well balanced. It has a simple composition while retaining its complexity. His piece also marks the beginning of a new stylistic period for me. I also like that it tells a story of what was happening in my life during the time in which I made it.

Would you tell us the story behind it?

Each tile in the image is a composition that is based on a photograph of something that I would pass daily during the time that I was making this painting. Each was just a tiny glance of an unordinary thing in my everyday life. Imperfection, decay, destruction, and reconstruction. Objects out of their original context or altered from their original form. A necktie plastered into the asphalt, broken street furniture, etc.

What does art mean to you?

Art is a just one big puzzle. For me, creating an image is like playing a game of chess with yourself. Each move is based upon the last, working towards figuring out the next move that will incite emotion, or humor, or give some sort of insight into the state that the world is in right now.

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