Photo of the Day by Naruki Oshima

Image by Naruki Oshima

Naruki Oshima is a photographer and visual artist from Japan. He is especially known for his work Reflections, fascinating images of contemporary glass façades that, thanks to the quality of straightforward four by five film photography with subtle digital reworking, unsettle the perception of our environment.

Interview Naruki Oshima

Hello, what´s your name?

Naruki Oshima

Why is this photograph your favourite?

Because this is the first works of „haptic green“ series started in 2011. First let me explain about the technical process, I set up my camera and tripod in front of the trees, and photograph its view from the left corner going upwards and down in a line, as though I am scanning the landscape. I then digitally stitch those several hundred closeup shots together and create one panoptic „tree,“ consisted of numerous focuses. Two different distances coexist here; one a closeup vision focusing on the details of the tree, and the other a distant vision which sees the whole perspective of the tree, making the „tree“ vaguely embody itself swaying in between those two distances. The original idea of the series came to me more than ten years ago, but none of my works ever satisfied me when it was a monocular image. I admit the emerging accessibility towards digital printing has enabled the technique of containing several focuses existing in one image, which became „haptic green.“ Therefore this is a special work for me as the first achievement.

Would you tell us the story behind it?

This series works comes from the the experiences of when you walk into dense green woods, and when your eyes reaches out to scarcely recognize its object. What motivates me is not trees related to the socio-cultural context but an ambiguous condition just before our recognizing it as “green woods”, where an ensemble of various senses of feeling the leaves, brunches, trunks – no longer the being fixed symbolic recognition of „green woods“ – emerge. I think that it is an emergence of the world when the daily meaning context doesn’t work.

The word „haptic“ in the title represents the sense of touching, and the perception I pursue here is not a state where visuality dominates but where touching senses become triggered by its visual. I aim to capture such haptic moment and the relation of its object through my photography.

Image by Naruki Oshima

„haptic green-pi.k.k.01“ Image by Naruki Oshima

Title: „haptic green-pi.k.k.01“
year: 2011
size: 1200*1350mm
technique: lamda print

Lastly, I would like to inform you that my book related to the image has published from KEHRER in this spring.

And I will have book signing events at a booth of the publisher in Paris Photo and a gallery in Paris.

Thank you very much.
with the best.

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