William Wilson – Double Or Nothing

Said I quit drinking, couldn´t help it grabbed a beer

Money don´t make a difference it just makes shit weird

Got me praying that I make enough to make it outta here…


Der New Yorker Rapper William Wilson liefert mit „Double Or Nothing“  ein smoothes, qualtitativ hochwertiges Street Tape ab.


Fette Samples und Beats die unter tight geflexten Rhymes dahinwabern, die auch den Herzschlag eines Non-Weed-Smokers ruhiger schlagen lassen und zu einem entspannten Couchabend einladen.

Das ganze gibt es als Stream und free Download hier


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Janny Schulte

Even though my mom raised me right that rap shit saved my life and sometimes I may look kinda funny but ain´t no fool cause whatever I want to do I make it clever. Still life as a shorty shouldn´t be so rough but I´m leaving the past cause I learned I´m the only motherfucker that can change my life.

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